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This Natural Homemade fairness cream that I shared in this video works like magic in lightening your skin tone and remove dark spots.This skin lightening Fairness cream will help to retain moisture in the skin by moisturising excessive dry skin by adding natural glow on face.This fairness cream will help to remove
blemishes, dark spots, Hyper pigmentation which will improve
the skin tone and lighten dark circles around eyes.This cream also helps to moisturize and exfoliate our skin making it smooth, supple and glowing.Use this skin lightening fairness cream everyday.This Fairness cream will help to clean the skin by removing
the dead skin cells, impurities, remove blackheads on nose
and get rid of suntan effectively.It also helps to lighten stubborn dark circles,protects the skin against harmful UV rays of the sun by improving blood circulation through out the skin.
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Get fair bright silky smooth skin easily/100% natural home remedy,
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Ingredients of fairness cream are as follows-
1 Tbsp :Lemon Juice
2 Tbsp : Rose Water
1 Tbsp : Sandal Wood Powder
1 Tbsp : Olive Oil
2 Tbsp : Aloe Vera Gel
Mix It Well
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