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Revealed: The Best Skin Whitening Creams

Want Fair Glowing skin?

Try this Skin Whitening & Lightening DIY home remedy cream, perfectly suited for safe bleaching gradually, for sark skin and well suited for indian skin tone.


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In this video I will show you how you can get lighter fairer skin naturally for both men and women. This method can be used for face, hands, legs and even the underarms for quick and immediate skin whitening. The instant result will be very little, but in about one week, or 7-10 days you will see a much stronger impact!

What I have done here is made a quick scrub with natural home ingredients from any Indian kitchen for a natural bleach. Hope you will like it too!

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** All products purchased by my own money. This video was not sponsored, there is no endorsement here (paid or otherwise). I have only made this video to enlighten my viewers and not sell any brand.

3 thoughts on “Skin Whitening & Lightening _ DIY Home Remedy Cream _ Dark Indian Skin L SuperWowStyle

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    can we use it directly without storing for 3 days in a refrigerator? ???

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    Great video! I am a beautician working with so many cosmetics. I was never satisfied with any cream for my face,
    but I tried Mastani Face Cream. I always suggest to buy the products from Amruta Pharma as they are natural and very effective.
    Can you also do a review for this herbal product?

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    if you are so happy with your skin tone then why are you wearing so much makeup on your face


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