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Revealed: The Best Skin Whitening Creams

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After recieveing so many requests about body and facial whitening, finally here’s the whitening video!
I know this might not be enough to answer all of your questions, if you have any further questions, leave me on the comment box below! Hope I could help you with this video 😉

▶Products Used from the Video
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Crystal Intensive Whitening Cream –
Love Heart W Care : Smart Finger –
Love Heart W Care : Platinum Essence –
Dr. Color Effect : Red Serum


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4 thoughts on “How To Brighten Skin- Korean Facial & Body Whitening | Wishtrend

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    Whiten? That’s impossible. Most Koreans got light skin colors because their ancient ancestors were living in the coldest region in the northern Asia.

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    how much of the crystal whitening cream do you use of your body. like a thin layer or what? and is it only for small areas of skin and not entire body? i mean like can you put it on like lotion?

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    I’m not allowed to exfoliate my skin. Used to do it but it left so many scars on me that I had to check with a dermatologist. I’m no longer allowed to exfoliate. The painful marks are gone but the scars are dark and patchy. 🙁


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