Face Whitening Beauty Cream | Intense Skin Whitening Cream (100% Effective)

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Get soft, radiant, whiter and naturally fairer skin in 7 days with homemade skin whitening cream.This miraculous skin care recipe contains the extracts of skin lightening agents and natural ingredients that work together to whiten your skin complexion, treats pigmentation, removes tan and lighten stubborn dark marks and spots.

This whitening cream is specifically designed for those who have been suffering from rough, dull, dark and uneven skin tone.Follow this daily at night before bedtime up to a week to see visible results.

Vitamin C:

Licorice Powder:

Aloe Vera Gel :

Vitamin E Oil :

Coconut Milk :

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3 thoughts on “Face Whitening Beauty Cream | Intense Skin Whitening Cream (100% Effective)

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    Can I use this if I have oily skin on my face..?

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    I have dark patches around my neck and hands – can you please make recipes on this to make them lighter and white too.

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    @sneha Can I use it on my whole body or just my face?


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